Textile artist goes shopping!

What more may you need except a needle and thread when to create textile art?

Here’s a checklist:
1. 36 rolls plaster bind
2. 5 tubes of Construction silicone
3. 6 bottles sealing foam
4. Latex gloves
5. Vaseline
6. Plastic cover
7. Carpet knife
8. Drilling machine with 10 mm drill
9. Epoxi resin

For the cast I used 30 rolls plaster bind. The mold was made in two parts, one front and one rear. When the plaster dried, and the model had gone home, I smeared silicone on the inside of the plaster molds. 5 tubes was just enough.
Avgjutning på gång!20131021_133708

After one day when the silicone had dried, it was time to join the two halves together. I did this with the 6 rolls plaster binds left over from the cast. I hung up the molds between two chairs so that they would line up with each other. I left openings at regular intervals in order to later inject the sealing foam.
Hopfogning av båda gipshalvorna Hopfogning av båda gipshalvorna


But the sealing foam did not swell up enough. Maybe because there was not enough air inside the mold …  When the sealing foam had dried, I could see that it lacked quite a bit towards the back part.

I solved it by drilling a number of holes in the top (the back) with a 10 mm drill where I could fill the sealing foam straight above. Overall I used 6 bottles of sealing foam.

20131023_092004 Här fyller jag formen med fogskum

Now THIS is what I´m talking about! Now I am waiting with bated breath to remove the plaster! Yiieehaaa!!!