New sculpture coming up!

Now I have sold my pink body! The exhibition at Säby farm paid off ! It was the mansion owner himself who wanted it. (VERY nice man !) Am so happy that I almost burst!

Now I got the inspiration I needed to continue!  The next sculpture , I want to be able to hang on the wall. It should feel like it comes out of the wall. As a figurehead , I imagine it. Beautiful and powerful, with a forward movement , upward .. Girl Power ! Yikes did I really write that …

Anyway … I was lucky enough to find a model that was crazy enough to volunteer. A girl from my sewing circle who wanted to gain some new experiences in life. And here ‘s a full body experience to say the least! I’m very happy  for that, not just to avoid having to do it myself , but above all to be working with a different body type. Her body is (unlike my flagpole -like figure ) curvy and feminine beautiful. It will be wonderful to work with it!

Check out how fine she is!


Avgjutning på gång!

I am also happy for the help I got from the other girls in my sewing circle who did a great job with the cast. Thanks for a fun evening!