Linen thread vs. Aluminum…

Now I have starched the test with linen thread and I must say that I don´t feel completely satisfied… The light blue thread looks a bit translucent in a little creepy way … Well see what I mean:


But then I ordered 1 mm aluminum wire. I thought it might be good to make lace with because it is so light weight. Then there is not a significant risk that it loses shape when hanging from the wall. If I make lace in copper  I´m afraid it will be too heavy and can not carry itself. It’s impossible to know until I’m done of course. But it would be very sad if it turned out to be so after weeks of lace making! Anyway, the aluminum wire is really nice! It was relatively easy to make lace with despite its thickness and it shimmers so nicely! Check it out:


Need I say that the aluminum wire won!