Lace making = Relaxation

Then the first test´s almost finished. It was absolutely wonderful to make lace again! The buzz in the head just disappeared. Total attendance. It really is perfect relaxation for someone like me who shuns exercise like the plague, get dizzy from yoga and sees meditation as a waste of time. (As if my TV viewing would be the least bit better!)

Anyway … I worked with linen thread 16/2 in two colors, turquoise and light blue. I´m looking for that ocean feeling. We’ll see how it looks after the starching. Since I loaned my last epoxy resin to my dear husband, I have now ordered new. Can´t wait! Patience is not my strongest side, odd considering my choice of craft technique … Now, enough of that talking. Here are some pictures:wpid-20131106_182707




Little Adrian wanted to play with me! Who knows, maybe he can help!