Now it’s shaping up.

Now it’s shaping up! Now I have only the head and the hair left to make. This is what the back looks like:


The light areas on the shoulder, I left empty for a sharp contrast. The threads on top of the shoulder, I got to “herd” in opposite directions, up to the throat and out towards the shoulder tip, because the opening will be there. I will then sew the front piece with the back piece up on the shoulder.

In order to draw the back of the arm I put 4 new pairs at the top which I then together with the shoulder threads wove back and forth 3 times, until the whole arm was covered.

I wove together the opening at the front because I think it’s redundant. There should not be any problem getting the sculpture off the body if there is an opening in the back and on one shoulder. Here is what the opening looked like:


Underneath and at the side of the right breast there was a sharp shadow. There, I put 5 pairs and did ordinary plain weave all the way up.


Along the top of the shade I twisted the strands together two and two and then did a sort of network to sparse out and light up. I am very pleased with this part of the work. The technique helped me to create the expression I was after. Being able to go from dense to sparse lace without removing any threads is amazingly fantastic! I also used the same threads to make lace at the light side on the left breast.


Above the clavicle, I set up two new pairs and did plain weave to get a little shade. Alongside the right breast there were some threads from the past work (stomach) that I used to make an irregular lace making up to the armpit.