Body i black linen thread

Malin Engströms knypplade skulptur, fotograferad av Tove LandbergThis body is the result of my bachelor thesis on HDK Steneby, which also means that it was my very first. I probably did not understand quite what I was getting myself into when I started to make lace on a full size body without ever having neither made lace or woven earlier in life. ( I had my degree in Clothing design ). From the beginning I didn´t have a plan at all, the only thing given was that it would be textile and connected to the human body in some form. The idea grew slowly and when half the time had passed, I finally arrived at my method. Four weeks I then had left to the making. I just managed to finish before the exam day! But it was quite sweaty towards the end, especially tough was it when I had painted the whole work with wood glue (to starch it) which became like a white film over the entire sculpture. That night I Went home crying and when I arrived the next morning the glue was transparent and the sculpture ready to be taken off the form . Yieehaaa! You can read a more detailed report on this work in the Process page.

Pictures from the making


Some of these photos are taken by Photographer Tove Landberg. Check out her website to see other Beautiful Pictures!