Body in pink linen thread

The pink body was my second sculpture. On graduation day, I was by my examiner offered an exhibition at the HV gallery in Stockholm. Until then I wanted to add another piece. This time, I wanted to challenge myself by adding another color. This yielded another dimension to consider. It required more planning in order to separate and blend the colors(…)

Body i black linen thread

This body is the result of my bachelor thesis on HDK Steneby, which also means that it was my very first. I probably did not understand quite what I was getting myself into when I started to make lace on a full size body without ever having neither made lace or woven earlier in life. ( I had my degree in Clothing(…)

Body in aluminum wire

Here I have sculpted a figurehead in aluminum wire. Aluminum wire is so great because it’s light weight and does not need to be starched afterwards. Another advantage of it is that I can “make lace in the air”. This was a necessity when making the hair. I wove strand by strand and then shaped them as(…)

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