The back

The threads that came up from the lower back, I used to draw the dark shadow under the shoulder blade and at the same time I hooked the threads in the first part (arm and shoulder). In order to make lace on the light part of the back I put in two new pairs that crisscross worked their way down to meet up with the other threads and arrive at the stomach. Now the whole (half) back is together and I’m very pleased. I have used every thread to the max (I don´t cut it off until it runs out itself) and managed to herd the threads so that they became more dense in the shadows, and sparse in the light areas.

20131123_110957upp-på-ryggen-och-vänderryggenhalva ryggen klar

How many threads are there really?

The middle part of the back is made up of a total of 7 pairs of threads. 5 pairs I put at the bottom of the lower back and wove those up to the shoulder area where they turned and was joined by another two pairs of threads.

The part that goes out to the left consists of 11 pairs of threads emanating from the front line (where the sculpture will be attached to the wall).